Man Almost Died After Being Licked By Dog Refuses To Give His Pet Up

Greg Manteufel, 49-years old and a cetizen from Wisconsin was taken to the hospital after having a flu. Greg thought it was just a normal flu when he experienced fever,vomiting and diarrhea last year in June. When doctors found out it was something more, and more severe.

After doing tests, medics found out it was capnocytophaga, a bacteria which could turn into blood infection and could be life-threatening if not treated. These bacteria were commonly found in the saliva of an animal.

According to the doctors, Greg has been around with dogs and cannot even explain why the infection reacted on his body severely. Before he got ill, he was perfectly healthy.

Greg was on treatment and surgeries to stop the infection from complication and Greg was also determined to get better.  Doctors made quick advancements with his prosthetics limbs, for the thought of getting home with his family and his dog, Ellie. Some advised him to give up on his dog as it may be the cause of his illness, but Greg won't give up on his dog.

"We didn't even bother testing her. We weren't going to get rid of her. If it was her that caused it anyway. We just love her to death."

Now Greg is adjusting his life with prosthetics together with his family and his dog Ellie, he is still considering going back to work and won't let himself be left alone.