Watch: Stranger Heartwarmingly Steps In to Pay an Old Man’s Meal

Sharing is caring. Even a small act of kindness can change a life of a person. It can never be forgotten.

The social media now is flooded with positive reactions when a man by the name of David Love showed a little kindness to an old man. The old man in the video was going through the last of his change to pay for his meal when suddenly David stepped in and paid the meal for the man. It was such a heart-warming scenario knowing that the two were both strangers from each other.  It was a truly heart-warming act that sets an example for how we should treat our elders and the needy as well.


In our day to day endeavor in this earth, we often encounter situations like this. Now let us try to examine our self and ask, “What did I do during this situation? “Have I done the same thing as David did?” or “Did I just walk away and pretend it did not happen? Well, if your answer is yes, then you deserve a big applause. You are a wonderful person and I believe that there are still many “David Love” out there who are willing to extend their helping hands. Let us always remember to do good all the time without asking in return. Let us do good to others for no reason at all. 


Yet, if you are one of those few that answers no to the questions mentioned earlier, then, stop the act and do your share for humanity. It is not yet late to do a good turn. While we are still breathing in this earth, we always have a chance to do good. Lots of people out there who are in need of help, in our own little way we can be of help to them. Showing kindness to others is not a difficult task to do; helping the elders to cross the street is a best simple example. Helping and showing kindness to others doesn’t always involve money, you can just extend your time and show love and affection to our elders and to the needy too.


Our elders need our kindness all the time. They have now reach the stage of their life that they become one of the “needy”. They always need our time, love and affection. They were not asking for more, they were just asking a little of our time. Let us not forget that when they were still stronger and when we were still the “needy”, they were always there all the time that we need them. Let us spare a little of our kindness to them. David Love really lives up to his surname as he spreads love all around. With kindness there is always love. He is truly an amazing, compassionate person that all of must follow. Let us do the same thing as he did. It is definitely easier and nicer just to treat people right than doing bad and be miserable. Doing random acts of kindness is just awesome. So, be inspired and start spreading kindness.