Mom and Daughter play Question and Answer; Little Girl's answer Makes Mom in Tears

When Leah was asked by her mom, “What is love? “. Leah answered without hesitation.
"God". "God is love" . Mom’s  tears fell from her eyes. Leah's answer blew her mom away. As a three year old kid, you wouldn't expect her to be answering that way, but she did with all her heart.

Leah is in her hospital bed when she and mom had this question and answer game. Leah has been fighting from Severe Congenital Neutropenia since 2014. This medical condition causes affected individuals to be prone to recurrent infections. People with this condition have a shortage (deficiency) of neutrophils, a type of white blood cell that plays a role in inflammation and in fighting infection.



Leah is not just a fighter but one smart little girl too. How she answered mom's question was so astonishing and so heart-touching. When mom asked what makes her happy, she answered “When you and dad feel better “. It was so thoughtful of her not thinking of her own welfare but instead thinking of the good of her own parents. This just shows that Leah is full of love; and that she is willing to share it with others.

But what is more astonishing is when she answered that “Love is God “. At her very young age of 3,  it is quite impossible that she could say that. But because this little girl has been showered with love from the different parts of the world, it is easy for her to say that “Love is God; and God is Love “.


Leah has been loved by many people from different countries and races. In spite of the different cultures and practices, these people are united by one and that is their love for Leah.
Leah has been receiving help as initiated by her Go Fund Me account created by generous George Gassman.

“Leah is not our daughter. We just came across her online and wanted to share her precious heart to the world. “

She is indeed a precious little girl. She is really worthy of all the attention she have, with over 1.8 million views online, surely this adorable girl is loved by all.


This video recording is really so touching that will make any one who sees it cry. It was so overwhelming with mixed emotions with this child's positivity. May all the people in the world be like little Leah who has a pure heart, who is so sweet and so thoughtful, but most of all so smart. Her heart's pureness makes every life brighter.

Watch the video by clicking the play button but be sure to prepare yourself for a cry.