Andi Eigenman, hindi raw atat magpa-sexy pagkatapos manganak

Kamakalan lang ng ilang araw pa lang pagkatapos manganganak ni Andi Eigenmann, nakakatayo, naglalakad at nakapag-shower na ito agad. Pinost pa niya sa Instagram ang pagsuot niya ng binder sa kanyang tiyan.

Sabi ni andy sa kanyang caption:

“Sorry in advance to those who will not be pleased by this photo. I am back with my body updates!

“This photo was from the fresh 48 at the hospital. Taken after what seems to be the best/ longest shower of my life! Decided to snap a pic to show what I look like 1day post-partum. (I figured I’d share it here too since most of those who talk about their comeback firmness routines that I’ve read online are from post normal births, and not much post c- sec.) Been thinking about project comeback and crea-ting my fitness plan for after I recover from my c- section, but I am not in a hurry to start again as I’m still busy obsessing over my super cute newborn and also, healing is the first step! As a c- section mom, we shouldn’t need to be in such a hurry to get back into exercising because it will be easier to do that once we let ourselves recover completely by getting the rest we need in between caring for baby. Besides, breastfeeding is good enough exercise for now."

“Also, a good binder is everything this time around. I highly recommend this mamaway one. My OB did too. (Oh and the comfiest c- section undies are from them as well).

“PS. Rest doesn’t mean being completely immobile. Just means we shouldn’t overdo anything. Walking is definitely a great idea.”