10 Illustrations That Prove The World Has Seriously Changed For The Worse

We can't deny the fact that as the day goes by, technology arises and people are adopting those changes. If you compare life 20 or 50 years ago, you will see people are focused into livelihood, doing everything they could to help their family survive. Not technologies and not enough buildings in their places as what you've seen today. People living that time are so simple that you do not have to worry on single things. Don't forget the foods during those time were also great, not much preservatives injected in it.

Let's say, 50 years after... lots have changed. So many buildings, technologies came and people have been living in social media world, especially Facebook ( I'm a guilty of that too!). I could still remember it was around year 2003 when I started having my own phone (nokia 3315) and bought it around 150$. And as the years have passed, mobile phones are being upgraded into colored phones, then later a VGA quality camera phones and now it almost surpassed the quality of digital cameras and DSLR cameras.

In terms about the food quality, since technology dominates the society, the world rather, foods from different companies are also upgrading their own products and most of them are chemically injected with preservatives which also affect the lifespan of an individual. The greater the technologies invented, the lesser lifespan of a person.

Below are examples of Illustrations made from random artists which prove the world has seriously changed for the worse.