This Groom Just Found Out What a Big Sense of Humor His Bride Has

Marriage is an intimate or close union between two people. It is a beautiful thing between a couple, since it symbolizes an unbreakable bond between two people who are deeply in love with each other. And what could be more happier than celebrate marriage in special wedding ceremony.

Couple tried their best to make their marriage ceremony or wedding be special and memorable. For instance, soon to be wife, Elizabeth Garner decided to make her wedding extra special and unforgettable. She wanted to be different on her wedding day and decided that she wanted the “first look “ moment at her wedding, when her groom first sets eyes on her, to be special. So she dressed up in a T- Rex Dinosaur costume and surprised her husband. And to everybody's amazement, husband to be, laughed at the sight of his bride. This groom just found out that his wife has indeed a big sense of humor.

The sense of humor this video clip brought has been a huge hit in the internet. It is an unusual sight seeing bride wearing such costume. It just prove that true love really exists. Making your loved-one super happy in both your special day is really an act of true love.

True love is incomparable. It makes one person do anything to make the love of his life feel she is loved and feel special even doing the most impossible thing that no one could imagine. That is the power of love!

But for a moment, we can pause and ask our self, can we also do it for our loved ones? Perhaps people may have different answers or reactions but whatever we do, let us always think of the happiness of our loved ones. In everything we do, let us always consider each others happiness. Like what this bride did, she was selfless, thinking only of making her husband happy and thinking to make everything in perfect. What she did truly was an amazing way for her to make her wedding extra ordinary and memorable to both of them.

Love indeed can make every one so selfless. How about you, what extraordinary thing can you do for love? Share it by leaving a comment below.
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