Small Details In Endgame Only True Fans Noticed

One of the largest grossing film in the industry is the franchise of Marvel Cinematic Universe Avengers:End Game. So to those who have already seen the movie, I suggest you to continue reading this article incase you have missed some parts and details of the movie (which probably some of you do). This is a world-ending spoiler article. Do not continue if you haven't watched the movie yet.

Number One:

In the first part of of the movie, you can see Tony Sparks trapped in a small space ship. He messaged Pepper like he was bidding farewell, but if you listen into it closely, it also holds a little details for a possible changes of Pepper's character after the movie endgame.

Number Two:

Some of the highlighted details and the most heartbreaking scene ever, was when Happy Hogan asked Morgan if she is hungry, she says "She wants cheeseburgers" Happy Hogan smiled and said " Your dad liked cheeseburgers, too."

If you could remember the previous Iron Man movie when Happy and Pepper pick up Tony after his rescue from the Ten Rings, he immediately asked them to prepare for a press conference and an American cheeseburger.

Number Three:

When Steve Rogers joined in a support group five years in Queens, New York after the tragedy of infinity war. You will notice one of the people said he spent the whole evening talking and crying. The name of the guy was Jusso Russo, the younger half of the directors who also directed in other three previous MCU movies: Captain America:Winter Soldier, Captain America: Civil War and Avengers:Infinity War

Number Four:

If you remember the war scene of the movie when Captain America and other heroes joined forces to defeat Thanos and his army, you will notice Falcon jumped on the radio and told his partner "On your left". That phrase was used when you callback from the previous movie when the two of them were competing joggers at the beginning of Captain America: The winter Soldier.

Number Five:

Another details we noticed after watching the movie is that there are avenger heroes risking and sacrificing their lives to retrieve the infinity stones, one of them is Black Widow which made everyone heartbroken, but wasn't mentioned or noticed at the end of the movie after Tony sacrificed his life to end the war. At the end of the movie, we only see a funeral made for Tony Sparks by the lake beside their house together with his family and other avenger heroes. Nevertheless, Black Widow is a great hero that will never be forgotten.