Sisters With Alzheimer’s Meet After 15 Years, Watch What Happens During Tear-Jerking Reunion

Alzheimer is a disease that causes problem with memory, thinking and behavior. It is also a type of dementia that disrupts one’s daily life because of memory loss. It is a type of disease that is irreversible and is a progressive brain disorder that slowly destroys memory, thinking skills and eventually the ability carry out daily tasks. This makes Alzheimer’s disease as one of the leading disabilities in the world. Both Alzheimer’s and dementia have greatly affected a huge number of people approximately about 44 million individuals around the globe.

Encountering someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia, you would observe that both have a lesser possibility to recall both short and long term memories, the names of their family and friends, and even their loved one’s faces. There will be a lot of personality changes as well. This is one hard disease to deal with. And what makes the video clip shared below so amazing is that two elderly sisters met for the first time after fifteen years. The two elderly sisters were both diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. They are originally from Antwerp, Belgium and now residing in England. Ann Patrick and Marguerita Wilson hadn’t seen each other for about fifteen years. With the disease they both possess, the surprising interaction they had after being with each other together again have made the social media amazed. They say this disease is degenerative and irreversible, but the meeting of the two sisters is one solid proof how the video of their meet up go against it.

Everything in the meet up was a big thanks to Ann’s daughter, Louise. Louise coincidentally met Marguerita at the Alzheimer’s club that she helps manage. She noticed that Marguerita and her mom, Ann, has unbelievable similarities from their physical features even up to their shared accent. This got Louise curious and so she did some research only to discover that the two women are actually sisters. This triggered Louise to manage a meet-up for the two elderly sisters who haven’t seen each other for fifteen years.

How their meet up turned out to be was so interesting. Marguerita started with, “You two look familiar somehow”. She was referring to her sister and it’s daughter, Louise whom she met at the Alzheimer’s club. Louise replied to Marguerita, “I’ve met you before at the Mills Street Club and that’s whenwe twigged that you were nan’s sister.” The two sisters approached each other and give one another a long and genuine hug. Margaret cried in complete joy after such a long time of not seeing her dear sister. Ann responded on saying to Margaret not to cry and caresses her sister’s face and grabs hold of her hand.

Everything was possible with Louise great help. That memorable moment of enjoying each other’s company was a big help for Margaret and Ann. This meet up only gives one conclusion, that no matter how tragic or whatever diagnosis the doctor says, people can still go against it and beat the odds. Love is indeed greater than whatever the diagnosis entails. It is such a great feeling to see a loved one again after so many years of being away. This video clip below is one worthy to watch.