Singer Mom’s Sweet Lullaby Has Baby Girl Falling Asleep in Seconds

What’s the best way to make a baby sleep? A lullaby! Right? And it is more touching if that lullaby comes from mom itself. I guess most of the moms experience singing a lullaby to their baby. It is one way for mothers to show their love and care to their baby. And babies amazingly fall asleep with mommy’s voice.

The internet has been joyed with the reaction of a cute baby girl to mom’s lullaby. Kailey Edwards’ video of her comforting her daughter Ellie with her angelic lullaby has gone viral.
Kailey, a band performer and a song writer, sang the song of Rachel Platten’s “Better Place.” The scenario in the video started with mom Kailey holding Ellie and it was a sweet scene to watch. Ellie was wide awake looking at her mom, as mom began to sing her lullaby. Surprisingly, baby Ellie started to yawn just seconds after the first note from mom’s angelic voice filled the room.

Mom continued to sing; “And I hold my favourite thing, I hold the love that you bring” ”But it feels like I’ve opened my eyes again, and the colors are golden and bright again. There’s a song in my heart, I feel like I belong. It’s a better place since you come along.” The lyrics were so touching. Though baby Ellie did not understand every word of it but the fact that she has a sweet immediate response to mom’s lullaby, her heart understands that mom’s gesture came out of love.

Moments later, baby’s eyes began to close, falling asleep already. Mom’s voice is really so angelic that everyone who heard and watched the video felt the same way as baby Ellie.

Baby girl really fell asleep that even the gentle patting of her back was not felt. Definitely, this little angel felt the comfort and security her mom gave her. A baby, though very innocent, definitely give in to moms loving arms and soothing voice.

Indeed, this video tells us that moms really know what is best for their children.