See The Sweet Moment Baby Tells her Mom 'I love you'

Language has been very vital for us people to be able to communicate with other people around the world. It is composed of letters, words and phrases that make up a sentence. Which is one way or another, also starts a conversation. In this way, we could express what we want to say and tell other people.  Not just that but also in this way we can inform them about facts or merely our own opinions. But how do we communicate babies in such a way we could understand how they feel?

Sometimes, parents find it difficult to communicate with their babies. They seem to have their own language that we can’t understand.  Whatever they are feeling, whether it's pain or hunger or even happiness, they mostly keep it with themselves and cannot express thoroughly. Since they are starting to learn how to talk while they are growing up, we parents must be there to guide them, at the same time create a bond with them  Their actions help us know what they are trying to tell us. They cry instead of talking or yelling out what they wanted to say. It sometimes lead parents filled with stress and tons of sleepless night getting puzzled and confused what they really want us to do. If only babies could talk, we could probably solved all the agony they are dealing with. We could possibly understand them better and can help them out whatever they wanted to do. But that's what babies are, they grow up, learn and develop on what they are in the future.

We might always have wished we could understand them. It would definitely make life easier. Instead of guessing it all out and getting headaches trying figuring things why they act as such a way, why not give them the ability to speak and understand like we do, right? But this one cuddly infant would surely flip what we used to think about these babies. A 15 month old baby Gemma Kate is such an adorable one who not just talks to her mom and tells her she loves her but guess what. Our little baby Gemma Kate could also sing some notes just like how her mom does it to her. Watch the video clip below and see how cute the two were, mother and daughter.

In the video, Gemma Kate is with her mom. Her mom is telling her “I love you” then look how did our cute little baby responded to that. She mimics her perfectly and can you hear those notes? It seems like melody in one’s ears. This baby surely did it just so right and sweet on how she loves her mom so much. And what’s so special about how she expressed it? She sang it back to her mom. She definitely seemed to have a talent for holding few notes.

 Who would not love this sweet little baby? She definitely has the talent and filled with love for her mom as well. It is so cute that even some people like me wanted such a cute little baby holding such good melodies in her words as well. That makes this sweet infant so unique and adorable.