Make A Weird Pizza And We’ll Reveal Your Mental Age

We love food. We all do. even looking at photos make us crave for food. When you go out,watch movies, go to the beach, talk with friends, food will always be included.

Whether it's pasta, salad, meat or vegan we can't help but fall inlove with these foods as it is part of our needs. As what the science says, "we can't live without food".  If you ask me what's my favorite food, then I say I love vegetables, but if you ask me whats my favorite snack, then I must say I love pizza...with veggies of course.

But did you know that what you eat can also determine about your personality?  Just like what we have here below for example, make a pizza determines your age (or accurately close). If you are curious, then proceed by taking the quiz below. Have fun!