Incredible 13-Year-Old Kid Dances his Way Gets Golden Buzzer On Britain's Got Talent

Talent is define as someone who has a natural ability to be good at something especially without being taught. People with talent are called talented, and talented people may have more than one talent. People with talents are known to be beautiful, entertaining, and impressive. It may be art, music, dance or sports.

Just like Akshat Singh, a talented 13-year-old boy from Mumbai, India participated and auditioned for Britain's Got Talent on April 2019 accompanied by his parents. One of the judges asked him what is his big dream and why did he join the show. The boy responded, "Because I have two mottos in my life, to make everyone happy and sure everyone that nothing is impossible in our lives."

His answers made everyone cheering up for him thinking that he is just a little boy with big dreams and compassionate. And, you will never believe his talent is truly unbelievable!

He started a move from an indian song with his indian dancing, like an introduction then suddenly dances with popular music and made everyone cheered for him. You wouldn't believe how this boy dances so gracefully despite the fact he is just 13 years old. He dances like he got no bones structured inside his body, and dances so well that made Ant and Dec rushed the judges table and finally pressed the golden buzzer.

The boy was filled with tears and happiness and his parents and the crowd were so happy, cheering up for him. He surely deserved it. What a great talented young man.

Watch the video and amazed by his moves: