Family's Car And Their Dog Fell 600FT Down, Dog Miraculously Survived After 19 Days of Searching

Life is unpredictable.  We really don’t know what is ahead of us. What happened to us today may not happen tomorrow. And definitely, what happened a day before doesn’t always happened today. So, we must live our life to the fullest, and cherish each moment we have with our loved ones.

For Samantha Orr, her life was drastically changed when she, her mom Jennifer, and their family dog, Bentley had a horrific car accident.  They were cruising around the mountainside in Colorado State, USA when the accident happened. It was just an average day.  They were having a usual conversation when suddenly she lost control of the jeep she was driving and they crashed down headfirst, 600 feet down into the ravine. Sadly, Jennifer died and Samantha was badly injured that she had to be airlifted to the nearest hospital; Bentley was tossed outside of the car and nowhere to be found.


While Samantha was in the hospital bed trying to endure the pain caused by her injuries and by the loss of her mother, she started a search group for her dog, believing that the dog is still alive. With high hope in her heart, she did not stop looking for her dog, she was committed on finding the only immediate family left to her, Bentley. When she was discharged from the hospital, she continued her search by distributing flyers herself and creating a group in Facebook called Bring Bentley Home. It was just after two weeks of continuous search when a report came out that  the lost dog was spotted not far from the scene of the accident.

It was very touching to know that Bentley was just there far above the accident site lying amongst the rocks along the ridge of the mountain. The dog was gazing down at the wrecked jeep waiting for his family to be back. It is such a heart-melting scene to imagine, especially that the dog has been gone for 19 long days.


However, to Samantha’s fortune, strangers helped her find the location of her pup. She hiked down the hour-long difficult trek without hesitation and without a mark of tiredness just to get Bentley. In the first video, Samantha was trying to get the dog to go closer to her. At first, the dog was reluctant and looksed very confused, yet, because of the overflowing need to hold the dog in her arms, she extended her patience and spoke soft words to Bentley leading to eventually gain the dog’s trust again.

The next video, illustrated a very emotional scenario. Samantha and her dog, Bentley were finally reunited again. Samantha embraced her long lost doggie and thanked with teary eyes all the people who helped her in finding the only one left for her.

Being reunited with to whom you love the most is such an unexplainable feeling. Mix emotions of happiness, relief and gratefulness will always be felt for this situation, gratefulness to everyone who helped you and to the chance given to you to be together again. That is why we should always make the most of our time with our loved ones because we never know what is ahead of us. Today, we may be together, but tomorrow may be not. Life is indeed unpredictable.


Watch the reunion of Sam and Bentley after 19 days of searching: