Doritos to the Rescue! Cops Tempt Giant Pig Home with a Crunchy Snack.

What would you do if you see a giant piggy roaming around the streets of your neighbourhood? You will probably call someone to get the piggy off the streets, right?

The neighbourhood of San Bernardino County in California suddenly had an unusual problem. There was a literally gigantic pig wandering around, seemingly lost. It is literally described as gigantic for it is really big. As a matter of fact, the residents described the size of the boar as “the size of a mini horse”.

The people in the neighbourhood asked the authorities for some help. Deputies Ponce and Berg were on duty and immediately answered the call of the residents. Fortunately, because of the number of calls received in the station, they knew exactly where the pig lived. But their problem was how would they be able to lure the pig back home when they don’t have a rope or any other farming materials? Well, quite a problem.


However, the answer is just inside one of the deputy’s lunch bags. As they were searching for something to help them tempt the boar to walk back home, one of the deputies pulled out a bag of Doritos, thinking it could be a help for them. She then offered the pig the chips. The pig sniffed the chips and found the snack acceptable, leading the pig to be following the chips the officer laid towards its home pen. Successfully, the officers did able to tempt the big pig using the Doritos. Wow! Doritos came to rescue! The unusual problem of the day turned out to be a fun day. Indeed, the crunchy snack saves the day!


Piggy and Doritos story hit the web like a hot cake, netizens could not help giggle seeing the whole scenario. Many admitted that they too would follow anyone for a bag of Doritos! Wow!
Now, what will you do if you come to encounter a lost boar on the street? Well, you know already the answer.

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