Creative Dad Gives His Toddler A Ride On Roller Coaster From Their Own Living Room.

As a kid we all love to play different type of games in our years. The world of never ending imagination that goes reality is something that all kids want to be in someday. Most of us have gone through that make-believe world that we all have loved before when we were toddlers or kids. Who would ever miss those days where girls would love to pretend that they were once a princess? Those days when guys would love to play with small toys and dreams about dinosaurs and revving up their own Ferraris. We all miss that world full of imagination, where nothing else matters more than getting dolls dressed or getting that shiny red toy car.

Family have played a huge role in our younger years too. Parents have taught kids a lot of games and how to play them all. Everything has gone so fun because of these parents that played a huge role on how our imaginations have gone far beyond what we have before. Parents helped us merge the real life with the make-believe world we had before. With this imagination that helped us play with so much fun and excitement, it made us be resourceful at the same time. The things at home no matter its sizes is, may it be big or small, we have made use of it with the power of our imagination. One fool proof of this make-believe world we had before and merging it with real life with the help of our parents can be seen in the video clip being shared below.

In the video clip below, you will see a kid being placed inside a laundry basket. That is Kayla, daughter of Daddy Terrance Gay. Kayla’s dad came up with a game to make her feel like she was really riding a real life roller coaster straight from their own home. One quick mom grabbed her phone and filmed every fun they had on their improvised laundry basket roller coaster ride. Zena, Kayla’s mom, recorded the facebook video of her daughter sitting in a laundry basket on top of her daddy Terrance’ knees. The two are in front of the TV watching some kind of show. But this show is not the usual and boring old shows they had on TV. Now, both of them are trying to watch a show where they could fuse both realities with the make-believe world they had before.

Terrance is trying to mimic the roller coaster ride that they are watching on the television. He is trying his best to simulate what was happening as his little girl is slowly climbing the first hill on the said roller coaster ride. You could hear Kayla’s excitement and fun in the laundry basket roller coaster ride through her giggles and squeals as she continue watching the roller coaster ride video. She even called out her dad to be careful. Both of her parents are trying to hold in their laughter as to not take the fun away from the amazing and enjoyable ride she is having. This is one great job to spend quality time with their kids, and this is another memory that they would surely miss.