Boy Born At 27 Weeks Weighing The Same As A Loaf Of BREAD Defies Low Chance Of Survival

Hannah Robertson, 26, was diagnosed with twin-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS) after she noticed crippling pain in the back for 26 weeks.

Twin-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS), is a rare condition where twin babies share a placenta in the womb. Abnormal blood vessel connections form in the placenta and allow blood to flow unevenly between the babies.

After she was diagnosed, it was revealed  that one of her twins, baby Felix's heart stopped beating, while the other baby Bowie fought for her life.

After the delivery last year in June, Bowie weighed 4lbs 5oz, spent the whole three months in intensive care unit fighting for his life, suffering from kidney failure, pneumonia and sepsis before he was able to overcome his struggle and to finally become strong normal baby like the others.

Robertson, with his partner 33-year-old Kenny Moyes, said on her statement: 

“I went for that scan and just knew something was wrong. When I looked at the screen, I saw nothing moving. There were about ten people in the room and it went so quiet.Then the doctor put his hand on my leg and I heard the words I never expected to hear:  I'm so sorry, but one of your baby's hearts has stopped beating. All of the air that I had inhaled was gone and I felt that I could no longer breathe. I jumped off the bed. I had to leave the room immediately. I just panicked and kept thinking this cannot happen. They brought us to a counseling room and explained to me and my mother what had happened. Doctors stated that Felix had received too much blood, causing him to develop hypertension and an enlarged bladder. This caused a pressure on his heart, so it was no longer beating. He was pumped up with too much fluid and too much blood, and it swelled his brain, said Mrs. Robertson. His body worked too much, and he suffered from heart failure and died. But Bowie got all the fluid taken from him, so he contracted kidney failure. 
Miss Robertson, called his partner over the phone since he wasn't there during the scan and couldn't believe what happened. He was so shocked and screamed and kept asking what? She said. He just couldn't understand what was going on."

The newborn was in intensive treatment for months to prevent from complications. He even went laser surgery and was wearing a mask to prevent him from becoming blind.

Bowie was so small when he was born that he almost fit in his father's hand. 

After 11 months, Bowie seemed to become stronger and finally reached his milestones.

Miss Robertson said: " He's meeting all his milestones. He's doing great. We call him our Starman. He's a total character and he's got this strength he's had since birth. There's no telling him what to do, he tells us what to do. I have a feeling he is going to totally rule my life. He's even more precious than he would have been because of what he has survived.'