Adorable Baby Girl Reacts To Mom Singing Little Mermaid Disney Song

Babies are adorably cute especially when they talk. It might all sounds weird but still we try our best as adults to understand them. Every word they mutter seems like music to our ears, even though we might never get to understand every little bit of it. Babies are priceless gifts from heaven. They develop way too fast sometimes. They might never get to say the same exact phrase we do but they understand every act of kindness we do. They smile or cheer whenever they see it as funny or pleasant to their eyes. They get sad sometimes, happy most of the times as what I usually see. They get angry and annoyed too. But we love every thing about them.

At their very young age in this world, they easily picks up what they hear and see. And its our job to fill their young life with joy, happiness and music at the same time. We can be close to them through these things and make their joyous moment out of every second in their life. That's how this mom, Kristina 30, spent their wee hours with her baby. With her stunningly beautiful voice, she started singing a song from The Little Mermaid, "Part of your World". Words came out like splendid stars for Lyla, Kristina's four month old baby. Kristina was holding Lyla up facing her. Lyla gave out a big smile to her mom while her dad was filming to capture the beautiful moment of serenade from her mom. The sweet song caught up little Lyla in cute reactions. Kristina continued singing hitting every note of the song flawlessly. She is such a singer and sounds definitely like Princess Ariel in the movie, the Little Mermaid. The performance was so stunning you could see it before little Lyla's eyes.

Lyla locked her eyes with her mother. She was full of love and happiness hearing her mom sings out for her little girl. The scene was heart warming, seeing love flow between the two. Lyla stayed in awe while listening to her mom's singing. Kristina absolutely loves singing to her beautiful girl, Lyla. I could watch this scene on repeat. Little things do matter most in this world. You can't play on repeat this moment, but you can capture it and be part of your precious memories. Who could ever not resist watching Lyla's reaction on her mom's wonderful singing? Everything was priceless. No one coukd definitely replace this moment for Kristina and Lyla.

Babies are angels sent from heaven. Enjoy every moment with them filled with happiness, you'll never get to rewind and relive moments after they grow up and become teens and adults after. No one get to be a toddler twice, nor stay young for years, we all were given the chance to get old. Everyone get to grow and change over time. Cause the only constant thing on Earth is change and you just have to treasure every moment you have. Embrace every moment, never let it slip your fingertips and always give time to your family.