5 Simple Ways To Identify Someone With Hidden Motives

There are lots of people with different personalities, some you already know and some you still don't know. Those personalities that are hidden within a person should not be taken for granted. They said, you will never understand a person until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.

Some may seem to be friendly and approachable at first, so you will never think they are really into something hideous.

Toxic people are never toxic when you get to know them at first. So be careful in opening up to people you don't even know for too long.

1. Conversation starter

Toxic people love to start a conversation to someone they are targeting on their minds. They start to talk about themselves, their problems which most people are really curious about to a certain person.

They will eventually tell you about many things, until you engage into such conversation which you will think you both understand and enjoy to a certain conversation. Never fall into these kind of manipulation.

2. Silver tounge 

These kind of people are excellent in manipulating a situation into a messy one. They are good in fabricating words turning you to be more confuse without you knowing.

They will try to persuade you to something you don't want to do. And guess what, you will never realize all of these, even deciding those things once you got into their pawn.

3. They will get what they want

One thing that only matters to them is getting you into their bidding. They don't care if you lose someone or some other people will get hurt as long as they get what they want. They are perfect manipulators and they are so dangerous that they won't stop a conversation and will want to talk about it over and over until they feed your mind with confusion. What's worst, you will start questioning the sincerity of the people who truly cares about you.

4. Have a bad feeling?

If someone starts talking to you but left you confused, as if you don't understand anything with mixed emotions, unsure of what's happening around you. Then you just fall prey with someone's bad intention.

5.Good liar

One indication of lying is that they can't keep eye contact on a certain conversation. But be careful with these kind of people, they are an exception. Since they are good at manipulating people, they are good at keeping their stance as if they are telling the truth. Most of them have manipulative disorder and some just want to get something they wants. So it's difficult to compare between the two, but one thing for sure. Do not let these kind of people get into you.

My advice? Be careful in meeting people you just know, you might just met them but they already love approaching people as if you are already close. I am not talking all, but at least you have to be careful opening up to people with these kind of personality. People with the worst intentions only care about themselves and are very good in starting a conversation with their target. Once they know your weaknesses, you will be easily get caught into their prey. So it's better to keep your private life between your trusted friends and your family.