Successful Graduate Student Backlashed After Posting His Grad Pic, Earned The Hearts Of Everyone

Joseph Alcano Anggot, a disabled college student received negative responses after  he posted his graduation picture on his Facebook account has earned the hearts of everyone.

He took up Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Mathematics at Western Mindanao State University at Molave, Zamboanga del Sur, Philippines.

Just like all students, knowing he was about to graduate, he posted his graduation pic with all the caption of happiness until some people commented and look down on him, saying mean things, began questioning his ability and his physical appearance.

My disability is not a hindrance to my dream. To my Papa, my Mama, my 3 siblings, my 10 nephews, friends and Families who keep on watching πŸ˜‚ this is just my gift to you 😍 Thank you very much.

Just few minutes/hour after he posted it, random people started commenting


commentor 1: face the camera freak

commentor 2: HAHAHAHAAHAHA

commentor 3: Overused wacky posts in the grad pic

commentor 4: He really thought it's a wacky pic

commentor 5: hahahahuhuhu

commentor 6: If you look, then you're mine.
commentor 7: What the fuck is that face

Then some people also commented with positive responses:

Bullying should not be tolerated. As the internet arising, social  media started to dominate the society and so is bullying. Whether a person has disability or not, everyone should be treated equally. Treat them as you would any and all others; with courtesy and respect. Manners is the most important thing our parents and teachers taught us since we were little. How come most people forget that? ( sigh )