If He Does These 5 Things, He's Emotionally Healthy (And Worthy Of Your Love)

We all want love. We all want to have a husband, a boyfriend, or a lover that will make you say "This is it, this is the one, and only one for me." However with today's current relationship trend, finding the right guy is definitely easier said than done.

You can scour many sources both online and off to find out what you should look out for to know if the guy you're with is the one for you. Yet with so many, many articles, snippets and books out there that are supposed to guide you on how to assess your partner, how can you pick which ones are truly the best?

This also applies to men too; how can you find out if the lady you're with is the partner you're meant to walk through life with?

Fortunately, we got you covered. Here are five points to look out for to find out if your partner is definitely the one:

1. He is open about things that scare him without putting shame or blame on himself or anyone else, especially you

What do the different fights that couples have have in common?

They all stem from some subconscious and unacknowledged fear or doubt. But if both of the partners in a relationship are not afraid of opening up to one another, that openness can more often than not lead to a relationship that is based on mutual trust, and that bond is definitely tougher than steel.

2. They acknowledge the present situation without placing blame and immediately work to make things better

Shit happens. That's basically what life is all about. One minute you're on cloud nine, enjoying a comfortable ride breezing through life, the next you're taking a nasty fall because of some unexpected problem.

And naturally, people like to point blame on others - this is unavoidable most of the time because it's a natural impulse. But an emotionally adjusted person knows that blaming or shaming people won't do much to solve the problem - they suck it up and work to make things better.

3. He doesn't talk as much as he listens

In today's world, it seems that all we do is talk, talk, and talk. We talk about our own days, our own troubles, and our own hopes and dreams.

But an emotionally adjusted person knows that while talking does have it’s  benefits, listening is just as equally good, maybe even better. They know that listening is a great tool to know what their significant other is going through.
Although a person that listens is already a great quality to have, if in addition he also takes into account what you're feeling, it definitely is a sign that that person is a keeper.

4. She doesn't get upset when you don't give her what she wants, she asks for it directly

Many tales, especially fairy tales have taught many young girls that love is something that happens magically; that i creates an instant unbreakable bond between two people. In just a blink of an eye, if we fall in love, we already know everything there is to know about that person.

But real women know that this is far from the reality that we live in; they take into consideration if their partner can give her those things, and not foolishly expect that their partner would give them what they want automatically.

5. The silent calm of just being together is something that she loves

To be with someone without talking, without fighting, without doing anything sexual is a rare thing today. If you find a girl that loves to spend time with you, and if she enjoys the very fact that she is happy that she is with you, and simply just that, it means that you're one of the luckiest guys in the world. To be happy with a person in silence is one of the greatest things about being in love.

The five points I've talked about are just guiding lights to the long and mostly tiring journey of finding the right partner for you. Even if they do check everything on this list, it still might not guarantee that that person is truly who you are meant to spend the rest of your life with.

It might also be a good idea to use these guide to assess yourself if you are what your partner needs to be in order to maintain a healthy relationship.

Lastly,as they say, knowledge is power, and I hope that the knowledge we hope you have taken from this article will help you check if your partner truly is the right one for you.