Dog Hit By A Car Is Rescued By Woman And Kids Who Noticed Her Limping On The Side Of The Road

A family were driving one afternoon and noticed a dog on the side of the road. They stopped and went to the dog injured and limping and it seems it has been hit by a car.

They immediately took the injured dog Pawsh Place Veterinary Center and Boutique and the staffs began treating the dog. While treating, the staffs started to look for her owner through their Facebook page.


Unfortunately, they haven't found the owner of the fur baby. They named her, temporarily Sweet Girl as she was  very lovable and sweet dog.

“We’re so grateful to the good samaritans who brought her to our hospital ASAP!” the vet center wrote. 

They still continue  Sweet Girl's treatment, stitches, her medications and her recovery. Just in 2 days from the continuous treatment, she began walking with her four legged paws.


They went to the news to talk about Sweet Girl's story and keep on posting updates on their Facebook page until the community know the story about the dog and began sending gifts, others sent treats and toys. Some people donated money for the dog's continuous treatment until they will find the owner. Until then, Sweet Girl is in the hands of good samaritan.