7 Things Your Hands Say About Your Health

What do you use to eat, write, and basically almost anything that is important in our everyday routine? The answer is: those 10 little digits (for the most of us, anyway) right in front of you. Already useful beyond measure, our hands also give one more advantage: they can be used to gauge how healthy you are.

Since our hands are always being used, they are connected to many systems in our body. Here are some of the telltale signs that you can notice on your hands that may be associated with health concerns on different parts of your body.

1. Fatigue

Since our hands are always required to not only do general tasks but also specific and accurate ones, our hands have an abundance of nerves under them to make sure each activity is done well. And if one is careless in putting too much weight on their hands, a tingling sensation can be felt. This is because regular lifting of heavy objects can put too much pressure on the thin skin above the nerves of our hands, which is definitely a cause for concern.

Good to remember:To combat fatigue, rest is the only weapon of choice. Sleep and stress management techniques are the most commonly sought weapons to prevent fatigue.

2. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

This is a common condition that haunts many computer users anywhere. It is caused by actions that put pressure on the carpal tunnel, which causes tendons inside of it to swell, and in turn puts pressure on the nerves inside. )

Carpal Tunnel Syndromeis one of the most common problems that haunts our hands. A common symptom of this is a numbness that can be felt in our thumb, index finger or middle finger.

Good to remember:To avoid carpal tunnel syndrome, stretch your joints near the wrist often. Try making a fist, release your hand then shake out your fingers.

3. Vitamin Deficiency

Vitamins are chemicals that help facilitate the homeostasis that occurs in our very complex bodies. When we lack vitamins, specifically vitamins B1, B6, B12 and E, a tingling sensation is commonly felt in the our left leg, or in the fingers of the left hand.

Good to remember:Consult with your physician to determine what types of vitamins you need to take to maintain healthy levels.

4. Spine Damage

As we go through our lives, it might be inevitable that we come across an activity that puts pressure on our spinal nerves. When this happens, pain or a tingling sensation can be felt in the little finger of the left hand.

Good to remember:Try stretching activities to prevent pressure, such as swimming or yoga. Always remember to take rest periods when your day involves a lot of sitting.

5. Blood Circulation Problems

Since our hands are always active, they require adequate circulation to keep them healthy. If you notice that your hands are not their usual color, and may even seem pale or blue, it might indicate circulation disorders that are caused by heart issues or blood vessel problems. Another sensation that might be felt associated with this is a tingling of the hands.

Good to remember:Exercise and stretching are recommended to help with this condition. If you get fatigued easily with doing easy tasks, it might be good to see a doctor.

6. Diabetes

One of the most feared diseases, one should always watch out for signs of diabetes. Good thing that our hands can help as a tingling sensation that travels from the feet to parts of the armsis a common sign of early diabetes. This is associated with a reduced blood flow to some parts of the body, which is a result of damaged fibers and nerve endings.

Good to remember:To treat this, professional medical attention should always be sought. Though deadly, diabetes is definitely very manageable with proper medication and proper diet.

7. Buerger's Disease

This disease happens mostly to people who smoke a lot. This is because smoking introduces a considerable amount of nicotine into our body, which blocks circulation and essential minerals to different parts of it. A sign of this is a numbness that starts in the fingers that travels to the whole of the arm.

Good to know:Although incurable, giving up smoking and other things that can block proper circulation is definitely a good decision to make.