5 Reasons You Keep Getting So Many Headaches

Headaches can be painful and is difficult to describe. It can also be a sign of stress or emotional distress. Some may describe it as throbbing, squeezing, intermittent or constant pain at the part of your head. It could affect your daily activities and routine.

Some people proceed in taking medication as to get rid of the pain or to feel comfortable when working. But haven’t you even ask yourself why are you getting headaches in the first place?

Frequent headaches are sometimes called “chronic daily headaches”, but according to Dr. Alexander Mauskop, MD, Neurologist and Director of the Headache Center in New York  City, frequent headaches don’t necessarily mean  a chronic daily headache, instead it is divided into categories of chronic migraine.

If you have a constant headache for 8 to 15 days or more each month, then that could mean you have a chronic migraine.

Here are five reasons why you keep getting so many headaches:

  1. Constant stress

Wether it’s emotional stress or work related stress, all kind of stress exacerbate the pain. It could also lead to health problems if not taken seriously.

  1. Coffee intake or caffeine.

Some studies concluded that caffeine can help relieve headaches but it can also make the headache worse.

According to Dr. Mauskop, “Regular daily intake of as little as two cups of coffee can worsen headaches, and this is due to caffeine withdrawal.”

So before you start your coffee, examine first how  much caffeine can you possible take daily.

  1. Spending too much time on your computer/phone
Radiation from your phones/computer can cause headaches specially most people cannot live without  checking their phones or social media accounts.Mostly, eyestrain is the most common cause of headaches.

  1. Lack of sleep

Some people stay up past midnight binge watching their favorite movies and shows or even just playing their addicting games.

Sleep is the most important for so many reasons; First, our body is our priority. health is also connected. sleep lowers our risk of serious illness, keeps our immune system going. And helps our brain function well. So make sure you get enough sleep seven to nine hours for adults.

  1. Hormonal changes

“ A drop of estrogen prior to ovulation and specially prior to the menstruation increases pain sensitivity and lower the threshold for a migraine.” Dr. Mauskop says.

Estrogen-containing contraceptives can help prevent these but be sure to consult your physician before taking these medication