'OK Goo Goo!' Italian Grandma Struggles with New Google Home

Technology has been all over the globe nowadays. It has been a big part of our daily routine that even some kids can’t live without them. It’s not just kids anyway, but also us, adults. We have been so used to having them along with us, especially our phones. Some people don’t use watches anymore, but instead, they just merely look at their phone to know what time it is. We don’t do alarm clocks anymore, but set the alarm at our phones and have it one tap away. Some of us never tried to see each other again in person, but how we tried to reach them is through contacting the other as virtual callers from one place to another. It made life easier, and a lot funnier. Wait, why did I say funnier? You better see this video and watch how life has been impacted with technology and how everybody seemed to do their best to keep up with the latest. Not just the recent generations but also the previous ones. Hear out and help this grandmother get along with Google and befriend the latest home device they got.

The struggle with electronics and new technology and people at their older age made life difficult for them to learn some gadgets. It would never be easy. Technology might have given other people huge benefits but older people can’t appreciate it that much. They could go crazy over a gadget before you get to know it more. They try to do something the best as they could but sometimes things just don’t turn out pretty well. And instead of fixing things and make it a lot easier, things have just gone so complicated to other people. Want to see how it works for them? Check out the video below and see how difficult it really is to have one.

A grandmother is sitting in the video with a Google Home device in front of her that she received as a gift for Christmas. She seemed to be struggling using it as seen with her several attempts to control the device using her thick Italian accent. She repeatedly say, “Hey Goo Goo” over and over again with Maria Actis family gathered near. And she keep on saying this with no success in getting the right response from the Google Home Gadget. Actis tried to control it again.

Maria Actis asked about the weather and finally Hey Goo Goo responded. But she seemed scared seeing her jump out of her chair when she finally gets a reply from the Google Home Device. It caused her family’s delight after seeing her act like that and described it as a mystery. Good thing Ben Actis captured everything in a video and shared it online. Don’t miss the video and click that play button below. Gather some positive vibes through this and enjoy every little bit of the Italian Grandmothers’ reaction. Have some little laugh in your stomach and a curve on your face. Have a great day!