Narcissistic Sociopath: 11 Traits that Make Them So Dangerous

Hannibal Lecter. Patrick Bateman. Norman Bates.

These names have been immortalized in many people's minds because they have been in highly rated, famous movies. They have been blown up in the big screen, and because of this many people have subconsciously glorified them in their minds.

But these people are psychopaths, and a real psychopath should never be glorified. You may have even met some people like them in real life, whether you were aware of it or not.

To help identify what makes a psychopath, and it's more dangerous form, narcissistic psychopath, first let us look at different mental disorders to help increase your knowledge, and therefore more accurately identify which is which. Trust us, it's better to know how to look for red flags in people so that you can better navigate your life around them.

Mental disorders

Due to the stigma that surrounds mental illnesses, many people are not at all that enthusiastic to talk about them. However that is a big mistake. Mental disorders are varied and affect more people than you might assume. That's why it pays to know more about mental disorders, such as:

Narcissistic personality disorder
These types of people have a different perspective in the sense that for them, they are more important and more valuable than anybody else around. They have the need to constantly be admired, be powerful and crave success; even if it involves stepping on other people.

Antisocial personality disorder
These types of people are what you might call "criminal" in layman's terms. They have a complete disregard for any law, right, or moral obligation that a normal person might have and just aggressively and impulsively commit socially unacceptable deeds because they feel the need to.

Bipolar disorder
You might glean a little bit of the disorder's main characteristics from the name itself; the sufferer of this disorder have two phases, the manic phase and the depression phase. They cannot control when each phase happens.
When they are in their manic phase, they are out of control; overly energetic and euphoric, but impulsive as well. But when they are in their depression phase, they may become lethargic to the point that they may barely move at all.

While a person with antisocial disorder is deemed criminal, a person deemed a sociopath might be called "evil". They are the more extreme version of a person with antisocial disorder in the sense that their actions do not seem to pass that moral checkpoint in our minds that we call a conscience.

Now that the more common mental disorders have been explained briefly, you should have a bit more basis on how to know if anyone you meet has any mental disorder.
You may be wondering if a sociopath is bad, then what exactly is a narcissistic sociopath? If you look at the definitions of a narcissist and a sociopath, and put them into a single human being, you should be thinking that it would be a great idea to avoid that person at all cost.

The signs of a narcissistic sociopath are:

Loves to horde power
We have all heard of stories of people who never really thought of themselves as someone who would lead, but turned out to be great.
And then there's the narcissistic sociopath.
They love to go after positions of power not to help other people, but to feel empowered themselves. They seek power only to satisfy their need to feel grandiose about themselves.

A warped sense of mortality
When they look at the mirror, narcissistic sociopaths don't see what a normal person would see; they see themselves as invincible or even god-like. That's why they have little to no regard for any law or moral calling because they see themselves as above such petty mortal concepts.

Picks people that serve their interests
Narcissistic sociopaths tend to gather people who are weak or are too ignorant to know who they are dealing with to make up their social circle.
They do this because of only one thing: to reinforce their delusion that they are the big cheese, the big kahuna, the big dog. They gather those people to fuel their own sense of over inflated self-worth.

Looks and feels like a normal person
Narcissistic sociopaths are chameleons. They have the ability to look and act like someone who is funny, likable, and actually worth your trust.
But in reality they are hiding their who they are underneath; they only show you what you want to see for their own self gain.

At first, they will do anything to gain your trust
Narcissistic sociopaths always know how to act the part of the trustworthy or lovable guy, but do not be fooled; like I said they only do that because they only want something from you. After the wooing period, and after they have gotten what they want from you, they always show who they are in the end.

Loves to look down on others
If a person has that delusion that they are the greatest of all time, it only follows that they see others as beneath them and not worth their time.
Narcissistic sociopaths ,in their mind, will always look down on you, even if their behavior says so otherwise.

Empathy is a foreign concept to them
The narcissistic sociopath only has one person in their mind at all times, and that is themselves. They don't give a shit about other's feelings or problems and will only work with other people if they see that they can gain something from it.

Only works at something if it benefits them somehow
Like I said before, they will only interact with others if they see that they can get something from it. They will do anything, act in any way, to get what they want; either it be through nicer means or more brutal ones.

They have a sixth sense at picking people that they can feed off from
To be successful at inflating their own self - worth, narcissistic sociopaths tend to have a great intuition at picking people who can serve their interests. They always choose people who are too naive or not too insightful so that they can feed off them without getting caught.

Manipulation is like breathing for them
They see themselves as clever puppet masters, and unfortunately, rightly so at times. Narcissistic sociopaths have the uncanny ability to manipulate what others see and feel about them to avoid getting caught. They do this either by managing their own actions and emotions, or by manipulating others.

Exists only to be admired
The narcissistic side of the mental disorder is highlighted by the narcissistic sociopaths constant need to be admired and glorified. Although they think that they are the most amazing thing in the world, they still need the approval (mountains of it, in fact) to fuel that belief and their ego.

It goes without saying that people with narcissistic sociopath disorder are toxic people; a wide berth should be in between you and them at all times. After reading this guide, we hope that we have saved you a lot of time and energy from having to deal with such people.