4 Signs You Should Reach Out to a Struggling Friend

They say “true friends are hard to find. “ Well, if that is the case, then we should treasure our friends just like how we treasure our most priced possession.
Treasuring your friends is not a difficult thing to do. Friends should reach out with each other especially during struggling stage of each other's life. But sometimes we do not recognize when our friend needs our help.

These four signs will probably help all friends to be bonded more with each other.

1. Keep in touch with them regularly

Just like families, it’s common for people who are friends to communicate with each other on an almost daily basis.Whether you text all the time with your friend or catch up every couple of days, you should know what’s regular communication for them.

There are times when your friend is nowhere to be found or out of the communication process, then, that may be alarming.And if you feel that your friend is slowly walking away from you, then, a good talk will help enliven your friendship.

But try to figure out what to say when you get in contact with them so there’s no chance you’ll come across as confrontational and they might think your concern the other way around.

2. Observe their mood swings

Mood swings are cannot be avoided. If your friend is likely suffering from depression or emotional problems, your friend then will go through mood changes.

Be observant with light changes in the mood of your friend, and be available if she needs someone to talk to.

3.  Energy levels might spike at different times

Just like having mood swings, energy level of a person also changes when emotional problems strike.
When you feel that there is changes in the energy level of your friend, be gentle and talk to your friend often times. Your friend needs it.

4. Being a true friend

True and good friend is always there ready to lend a helping hand, gives a shoulder to cry on and has an ear that listens.

People who are battling with so many trouble- emotionally, physically, mentally, etc. really need a true friend at the most lowest moment their life. Even on the process of coping up from all the stress, a true friend is indeed needed. But be sure to let your friend know that you are always there all the time.

True friends are not just there in good times but most in bad times they are needed.
It is important to keep in touch with your friend always. Constant communication is a must not just to have a strong bond together but to check if your friend is in good condition or  one who needs your shoulder to lean on.