What Happens to Sodium Metal into a Pool of Orbeez

Curiosity of people can be seen a lot in videos like the ones in facebook and in youtube. There are a lot from home cleaners up to phones which they want to test how strong one phone is, especially the new ones. Most content creators are filled with new wild creations that make their ideas unique and mostly are full of experiments on things. These things might be the common things you got in your house. The random chemical in the bathroom or in the kitchen or it may be one of the toys that your child is playing with. One of these jaw dropping experiments is the video clip about the pool of orbeez getting a drop of sodium metal. Orbeez is another toy that we would never forget in our entire life. Usig the orbeez, these people made a video which was so lit that you should never miss this very amazing experiment.

In the video being shared below, a big pool was blown up to be filled with water. After filling the rubber pool with water, it was then filled with orbeez.  Orbeez is a type of plastic called polymer that has superabsorbent features or properties that turns out to jiggly like some kind of jelly after being soaked in the pool of water. This little cute colourful marbles are very good absorbent of liquid and can even retain it no matter how large the amount is as long as it is relative to their own mass. Using distilled water, these cute colourful polymers can absorb up to 300 times more than their own weigh and become 99.9% liquid.

This cool experiment done by Tech Rax used about 50 bags of colourful tiny orbeez balls and dumps them in the large pool of crystal clear water. They were so small at first and was just occupying less than one fourth of the pool. Minutes after the orbeez was dropped in the pool, it has expanded in size and that made a giant pile of colourful balls in the pool. This video footage was captured back on Thursday 27th of July 2017 recording the after math when you throw a sodium metal into the large pool full of orbeez. How did it went? It was awesome and cool! As the orbeez was floating in the pool covering the crystal water beneath it, the guy in the video threw a sodium metal in the pool. Ot landed on top of the jiggly gel balls. To submerge the sodium metal in the water, he used a bottle in order for them to get their desired reaction to have the sodium metal touch the water below.

After the sodium metal was submerged under the gel balls and touched the water below, a sever explosion took place that threw hundred of Orbeez in the air. Then the pool started deflating of Orbeez poured out of it. 

Source: Guy Throws Bars Of Sodium Metal Into Pool Of Orbeez by Newsflare