Unhealthy Habits That Create Diabetes

People’s lifestyle and habits nowadays have changed the history of diseases. If people struggle with obesity being one of the leading causes that makes one at risk for diabetes before nowadays everyone is at risk. And the cases of diabetes is increasing from year to year. Diabetes has become a global epidemic because of one’s type of lifestyle, diet and unhealthy routine every day. There are a lot of habits that can make one at risk of having diabetes.

If you are that type of person who skips breakfast, then you might want to take an action regarding that. Study shows that not taking breakfast disrupts the functions of the insulin in the body that can cause your blood sugar levels to be erratic. It also triggers the decline of the beta-cell function in the body that is important in converting glucose to energy. People who skips breakfast tend to indulge in more high-sugar foods to get through the day. That makes one at risk of developing diabetes.

One is said to cut the risk of having high blood sugar by drinking at least two liters of water every day. This lessens the risk of hyperglycemia by 21 percent. If one prefers sugary drinks over water, you’ll gain more calories that raise your glucose level as well. Eating vegetables and fruits provide fiber that helps blood sugar level off. It also contains antioxidants that can improve your body’s insulin resistance. Sitting all day and not working out can also be one of the habits that can make you at risk of diabetes. Not just that, staying up late disrupts the body’s metabolism which affects how the body produces and uses insulin. This leads to improper regulation of blood sugar levels and lowered sensitivity to insulin.

Our daily routine basically reflects our risk of having diabetes. Reheating food in the microwave using a plastic container has an impact on insulin resistance. If one doesn’t know how to handle stress, his body releases thousands of stress hormones that alter the blood sugar levels. Even depression is another risk factor for diabetes development. It triggers the hormones that spike the blood sugar levels. A cup of coffee works against insulin resistance too. It boosts the body’s use of glucose that makes one at risk of developing diabetes as well. If you’re one coffee love that drinks 6 cups of coffee a day, you might want to change a little bit of that habit.

Sometimes we need to be outdoors and take advantage of the natural resources that provide vitamins and nutrients that helps our body’s organs like the pancreas that is responsible for producing the insulin that controls our body sugar. Enjoying outdoors also gives people less stress, anxiety and depression. Alternative treatments can also be one helping hand instead of drinking antibiotic whenever you’re sick. These antibiotics are also one factor that causes glucose levels to spike. One should ask their doctor first and take a blood sugar test often to monitor any changes and side effects of the treatment.

These are the habits that most people do without knowing they are at risk of developing diabetes in their body. This chronic illness needs a full commitment if one wants to stay away from being at risk of diabetes.