Dog's Creativity at its Finest

Dogs are man’s best friend they say. This might be one great explanation why dogs can be seen anywhere on the internet. May it be through some funny videos of variety of dogs or some selfies, or some wacky pictures and stole ones, they have been all over the media these days. No doubt, no matter what they do they are always adorable as they could be. No matter whatever they do, they always catch our attention. They always have something in store to show you, to make you laugh and get that bored feeling away from your system. They always makes us impress.

One solid proof of how awesome these dogs are is the video clip shared below. It shows about a dog named bear who discovered something no human have ever invented about using a trampoline. This video shows it is not only us who gets bored but dogs too. And not just that, they also invent things to take that boredom away. And this video clip being shared below shall never fail to make you impressed and would definitely make you laugh at the same time.

Bear, the dog, though how ironic it sounds like is a smart dog who knows how to get that boredom away. You will witness how creativity strikes another creature. And this one is totally out of boredom and when you got only no one else but just yourself. In the video clip shared below, you will see Bear, the dog, standing at the left side of the trampoline with a ball in his mouth. What happens next is the beginning or how his creativity turns to reality. He rolled the ball unto the trampoline and let it go then dives underneath the trampoline and tried to hit the ball using his nose. The ball bounced and reached the right side of the trampoline. He then slipped out from the trampoline to catch the ball. Guess what this smarty pants is doing. He is trying to invent another game that could be done solo that he could do without any playmate. This is one creation that no human have ever done. Two thumbs up for this dog’s creativity.
But wait there is more that is in store in this dog’s new creation. He didn’t stop with just one game, he repeats the process but this time he hit the ball twice using his nose. He keeps an eye for him to make sure he will hit the ball and make it bounce in order for it to reach the other end of the trampoline. Bear is not just creative but fast at the same time. Look how fast he catches the other ball at the other side of the trampoline. Way to go Bear. He is one fast genius.
Boredom could be easily relieved you just have to do and create things out of your imagination and have fun. Don’t miss this video clip and see how Bear happily catches and tosses the ball and plays fetch by himself.