Dad Sings National Anthem, But It’s His Backup Singer Who Steals The Show

As a child, we hear our parents playing different type of songs for us. Most of these songs being played are classic ones especially for the newborn babies. Babies were tend to be played with classic songs and the usual nursery rhymes.  These soothing tunes are a top pick for newborn babies. These types of music are not just beneficial to calm the baby down but these songs make a baby healthier, smarter and happier.

In the recent years, a lot of evidence have already accumulated that would reveal that classic music can help babies. These types of soothing music boost IQs and increase spatial temporal reasoning abilities. The structure of the music and slow tunes relax our mind that helps improve one’s mental health. Not just that, it definitely helps uplift one’s mood. That is why most parents or baby sitters would use this as a solution to calm down a baby from crying. Nothing beats that, not even some upbeat or playful music. One could check a child in which song would he or she refers to listen to. And their answer shall prove you wrong if you think they want an upbeat song than a classic or a calmer type of music.

Singing or playing music have been used by parents to entertain them and mostly to be able to bond with their kids in such a way too. The way one use it would surely be fun. Everything would be just as fun as the father and son in the video clip being shared below. The father in the video was using his baritone voice and started singing the Star Spangled Banner in front of his infant son in a high chair. You could see in the boy’s face that he was interested in the song and he slowly gains the rhythm by slowly tapping his arms on the tray that is in front of him. Who could ever stand that type of cuteness?

Everything did not just merely end up there. As the song continues, he showed off his dance moves. The cute little baby began to sing along with his daddy using the word ba. You could hear from his mouth clearly that the child was trying to sing, it seemed for a minute that the little guy is now giving his dad a beat to sing to. But even though his daddy began to sing the lyrics a lot slower, the baby just slowly adjusted his voice and started to sing again with his daddy. This is one cute scene that nothing could ever replace it. For the little boy’s glorious attempts he has then got the show to his own. The cutie slaps along the beat and he got something in him that may inspire hundreds of babies around the world. As the song goes along he then started to clap along with the beat. As you could observe from the video, the baby got all the loads of cuteness plus the love for music.