Simon Rolls His Eyes to a 53-year-old Singer. Her Performance Proves to Simon that He is so Wrong to Misjudge Her

Age really does not matter, when a 53-year-old just proved to the world, to the judges, and to Simon Cowell who just rolled his eyes, not knowing at first what was going to be like to be in front of this amazing woman.

Jacqueline Faye, a 53-year-old woman, who lives in a farm at Oxfordshire has auditioned in a famous talent show. And one of the famous judges in the show is Simon Cowell who has been known to be straightforward and a very opinionated judge. In short, he is the terror in the show and is known to be the judge who is not easy to impress, so the one who is auditioning for the show needs to be fantastic to make him say YES!

When Jacqueline or “Jacque” for short walks into the middle of the stage, Simon just rolls his eyes and already thinks that this is going to be another disaster. Then Jacque starts to introduce herself when she is being asked by Louis Tomlinson, one of the judges.

“My name is Jacque, I’m 53 years old. I live on a farm in Oxfordshire. We have chickens, ducks, horses and Dave my peacock.” she gamely answers. The people are laughing out loud upon hearing the story she has shared. Then Simon asks her, “Are you married?” “Yes, Bobby. He’s at home minding all the animals today.” she answers back to Simon. Then Robbie Williams asks her about her name if its Jacqueline or Jacque but she immediately answers that she does not mind whatever Robbie wants to call her since she has been a fan of Robbie for a long time and she treats him already as an ‘icon’. She even dreams of having Robbie as part of her family. Before she starts her performance, Robbie asks her what is she going to do and she answers that she is going to sing a song by Cilla Black’s hit, “You’re My World”.


Then the song starts to play with a slow tune and then she starts to sing in a typical tune and rhythm. Her voice is naturally beautiful. The judges are listening to her attentively ad observing closely if she can level up her performance. And suddenly, as the key goes higher, there’s the part of the song where she really has shown what the judges have been looking in her performance. She hits the high notes beautifully and makes the audience claps for her wildly.


After she has performed, Jacqueline wildly gets a standing ovation from the audience while the judges have been so impressed to what she has amazingly done. She can’t just believe at what she has been receiving from the judges and the audience.

“You know what, you remind me of everything that’s great about my home. You just transport me to sort of safety, kindness. There’s really something special about you.” Robbie tells to Jacqueline.

“For me, you know, stories like these, this is exactly what the show should be about. Someone at your age. Standing up there. Having a real moment like that.” Louis Tomlinson comments to her.

“When you walked out I thought you’d walked out on to the wrong show by mistake and I’m thinking this isn’t going to be great and then you were. There’s no other way of putting it. You’re a little tiger, aren’t you? And that’s why we will never put an age barrier on the show.” Simon Cowell admits it to Jacqueline.
Finally, she gets the 4 Yes’s from the judges though Simon kiddingly says no at first. Robbie Williams, her ‘icon’, then approaches her backstage and tells her how amazing she was.
You did it, Jacqueline! You just proved to them and to the world that you are amazing and age is not a hindrance to success!

To watch her funny story and amazing performance, just click the video below: