Lioness Sees An Old Friend, Jumps Into His Arms To Say Hi

Friendship is a strong interpersonal bond we can have more than being an acquaintance. Friendship is such a wonderful thing that could happen between two human beings. It doesn’t matter when or how long it has been. What matters most is that, this friendship is another family you can easily hangout with and talk about stuffs. Having friends increases our levels of being happy. They provide support when things get rough and tough. Choosing a friend doesn’t need criteria based on physical appearances, but more likely based on the quality of bond you shared.

Friends are not just someone you got to school and hangout with because there is no one else left but because you love hanging out with them. They are someone you can trust to and be just yourself when they are around. No insecurities, no awkwardness. But friendship is not always about being easy. Friendship can be rough sometimes too. We get into fights and misunderstandings. We go separated and away from each other. But what is so nice about it? We still choose to be the same and be with each other. We treat each other as siblings, and like them, we also get into trouble sometimes. But friendship doesn’t only limit its boundaries between people. Friendship can be found between people and animals too.

Spot this lioness in the video clip below who is having fun with her human friends. Valentin is from Germany while Mikkel is from Denmark, they had laid their full time with the lioness back in her near death on a farm in the year 2012. They put her on a treatment to bring her back to life. Sirga is now in her teenage years and she is now able to hunt down her own food. She is one remarkable lioness and is the most spoiled and well fed lion in Botswana, Africa. She has play sessions with Valentin while keeping her claws sheathed at the same time. She weighs 110 pounds, a big cat with a big heart for her rescuers and caretakers, Valentin Cruener and Mikkel Legarth. Who knows these great enormous creatures could be tamed? Sirga is now a driver of her pride and a beacon for success for the modisa wildlife project which aimed to save Sirga’s population, lion population.

Seeing her human friends, Sirga immediately jumps toward s them with excitement. She would cuddle with them, imagine how big she is cuddling some human. She sure has made an unbreakable bond with her human friends. She loved to play with them and look at that excitement sparkling in her eyes. It is such an adorable and amazing seen to behold. Those warm hugs she gave to her human friends is just so cute. Just the biggest teddy bear one could ever have. She plays with them like an ordinary pet dog does with their owners. She happily runs around them and most often ahead of them then comes back or waits for them at some point. These creatures are so adorable and cute.