Grandma is Ready for Wheelchair Dancing, but Watch What Happens when the Music Starts

Exercise is a physical activity that is done in order to become stronger and healthier.

This definition is somewhat true to this amazing granny in the video who is in to her exercise dance routine, oozing with energy and positive vibe all rolled into her. Grandma was sitting on her wheelchair, in the middle of the gym, all set for her “wheelchair dance”. Her trainer, Elizabeth, came in and proudly announces, “It’s Kelleen and Elizabeth!” and the two started warming up, enjoying the moment.

Trainer Elizabeth’s energy is as high as granny’s. The two indeed matched up so well, both with high spirits in their dance exercise. Elizabeth started the routine, “March! Ok smile…”and Kelleen followed her trainer’s instruction enthusiastically and with full of fun as she continued to giggle and laugh as if having all the best time in her life.

Kelleen lifted up her knees as if marching like Elizabeth and moving side to side with a smile from ear to ear, that changed her giggles to a full out laugh! Granny clearly enjoyed every moment of her dance exercise, even the music was there too, added full positive energy inside the gym. These two are obviously enjoying each other’s company!

The two went on with their routine, moving their arms up and down, pointing their legs left and right and shaking their shoulders gracefully. Elizabeth did some counting and Kelleen laughed with every dance moved she did enjoying each step of the dance until the last part of it, never losing speed or even a smile. All high energy throughout the dance by the two!

As the two completed their routine, Elizabeth gave Kelleen a high-five and a satisfying smile for Kelleen for doing a great wheelchair dance that could be very inspiring to watch.

Granny needed some time of their life too to have fun, they shouldn’t be deprived of happiness. Even simple things as dancing like Kelleen is a real big thing for them. Grannies who are also in their wheelchair can do this dance exercise in their wheelchair too if they love to do it. All they need is just love and care and of course support from their loved-ones for them to be happy at their older age. After all, age is just a number; and if this amazing granny Kelleen can do it, well, I am pretty sure many grannies and granpas can also do it.

Let us not forget the meaning of exercise. So let us be stronger and healthier and do some exercise.
You can watch this amazing granny doing here moves on the wheelchair by clicking the play button on the video.