Dad Finds Son Teaching his Puppy How to Howl and It is the Cutest Scene Ever

Having a pet is like having a younger brother or a sister that needs to be guided and taught. And one is lucky enough if your pet can understand and imitate you right away, like an outstanding student in class

A video that has gone viral showed a little boy comfortably lying on his bed with a puppy on his side. The two seemed to be talking with each other, like a brother talking to his younger sibling. The puppy and the kid had a close-up conversation together, the kid patted the head of the puppy and told him he is a good boy. The little boy looked like he is teaching the puppy something. And to dad’s surprise, he saw his son howling like a dog and immediately the puppy imitate what the kid was doing. 

“Awwwooo!” the boy and his puppy sing out together.

This incident in the video happened when dad was doing some household chores around the house, and he heard a weird sound inside his son’s bedroom. Dad wondered what it could be.

“I don’t know what’s happening, but something is happening,” dad says.

Out of dad’s curiosity, he slowly tiptoed down the hallway to the room, and saw an unusual scene. Dad filmed the whole scene slowly, not disturbing the two who were having a great bonding or should I say, tutorial.

For million times, we heard the saying “Dogs are man’s best friend”; and this video scene is another proof that indeed dogs and people are best of friends and more dogs are best students too. It was a funny scene how the dog diligently obey what the kid taught him. From the throwing back of head to the howling like a wolf, everything was perfectly imitated. This puppy is sure a great imitator, a great student! And the two seemed to be having the best time of their life. Enjoying while learning!

Thanks to Bree Lewis for sharing this video of a friend’s son to the social media. It made every viewer’s day who saw it lighter and extra special. It surely made every one smile.

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