Big Sister Gets Emotional Upon Receiving Two Great Surprises from Her Mom. Her Reaction is so Heart Melting

Who would not love to have a new member in the family especially for a family who wants to expand? Having a new member is a great joy and a great blessing it is for them. And also, what a great feeling would it be for older siblings who have been longing for a baby brother or for a baby sister. They must be probably so proud of their selves when they are able to fulfill their dreams as the future mentors and protectors to their young siblings.

Just like in the video below who shows a big sister who gets emotional upon seeing the newest member of their family.

As the big sister, Kaydence, walks into the room at the hospital, her mother says to her, “Hi baby”. And then she gives her mother a sweet hug and kiss. Then her mother continues to say something as she points out her finger towards the newborn behind the big sissy, “Meet your brother”. Kaydence turns her body and head and sees her baby brother for the first time. She is so shocked and surprised upon seeing the little one. She cannot help her tears from falling so she cries out loud because of the excitement and joy she feels. “He’s beautiful, huh?” asks her mother to her. Kaydence is still crying while watching her little brother. So her mother asks her again if she is okay and tells her “Go rub his little cheek, he’s perfect. Go look at him”. So she approaches her little brother slowly and she is certainly trembling while wiping her tears. Her mother then tells her “You’re gonna make Mama cry, don’t do that”. Kaydence then replies “He is priceless” as she is speaking to her mother while covering half of her face and trying to wipe her overflowing tears of joy. She then touches her little brother’s soft cheek.

But wait, there’s more. The surprise is not yet over. Her mother then suddenly tells her another exciting news. She tells Kaydence that she has another big surprise that she needs to meet. Kaydence immediately sees her father coming towards her as she turns her back. Her father then carries her and hugs her very tight. Now, Kaydence cannot really stop herself from crying from the overwhelming situation she is currently in. She cannot explain the joy upon seeing her father once again. Her father taps her back as she has been crying so hard. She has not seen his father for several months already.

Their moment together as a family is a very heartwarming story that you might have not noticed that your tears have already been pouring. Such a great joy to see a girl receiving surprises and she has been so happy of what she has received from her family. She is so happy to see their newest member of the family plus she gets to spend time again with her father and they are again totally complete. Another one big happy family indeed! Congratulations to you, Kaydence!

Watch her first heartwarming encounter with her little brother and also, as she unfolds another big surprise!