Baby Brother Meets New Sister For First Time And Has Many Funny Questions

A person can have a replica or has features of him in his sibling. When we heard about us becoming a big brother or big sister to our sibling to be born, we undeniably are excited for that. A promise to become the best brother or sister is what comes to mind. We often preserved our toys so we could give them to our younger siblings and play together. We even found ourselves sticking our ears to mommy’s tummy and listened to the baby’s heartbeat and we are surprised by the movement of the soon to be delivered baby brother or a sister inside.

When we are just young and do not know yet about anything, our minds run quite a vast of questions. Especially when we finally get ourselves close to our newborn younger siblings because of amazement maybe, we couldn’t draw the reactions of our faces because of the feeling of awe we felt. We could not even lay down correctly the questions or thoughts we have in mind.

When this big brother in the video finally is able to be near to his younger sister, we can distinguish how amazed he was. The feeling of joy, gladness, and excitement are evident. Mainly, this happens to most of us. Seeing in the first time the person who will call us “big brother” or “big sister” and would be our companion with all the things we want to experience in life is definitely exciting. That feeling of amazement made us express things whatever that may be just to make us certain with what we were thinking of.
Just like us, to make sure the things he has in mind, this big brother throws up questions the moment his younger sibling is before him.

“Her belly are right here,” “Her leg are right here,” “Her feet are right here,” said by the amazed big brother. His mom was agreeing to what he was making sure of. It felt that he was so enthusiastic and very much eager to make sure of everything. But there was one question he asked that made mom and dad giggling. For you to find out what question that was, be sure to watch the video below.

Probably he did not know what his little sibling is, that is why he asked that funny question. Humorous it may sound yet it was kind of a surprising moment when he really thought his baby sibling have what he thought she has.

Our lives would be easier if we see interactions such as this every day. We see older brothers or sisters welcoming their younger siblings with excitement and bliss. Hear their voices with gladness because of the blessing that arrived in the family. Life itself is awesome because of the newborns but it is more fulfilling when we get a glimpse of a sibling that get along very well with his other sibling.

As to this happy big brother, definitely, he is going to be a loving brother to his sister.