White Line Bike Trail in Sedona, Arizona- Is This the Most Dangerous Trail?

There are so may definitions of biking, but basically it is just the use of bike or bicycle as transportation or as a hobby or favorite pastime or sports, like mountain biking for instance.

According to Wikipedia, mountain biking is the sport of riding bicycles off road, often over rough terrain, using especially designed mountain bikes. Mountain biking can generally be broken down into multiple categories. However, the majority of mountain biking falls into categories of trail and cross country riding styles.

Extreme riders who definitely love more adventure with extraordinary trails will be amazed with this breathtaking video in YouTube. This is the White Line Bike Trail, situated in the red cliffs of Sedona in Arizona. With a total distance of 1072 feet (327 meters). With its height, this trail is quite extraordinary and dangerous.

Like all sports enthusiasts, bikers especially mountain bikers always look for more challenging trail to bike on. If so, bikers can try to defy the gravity and conquer almost impossible route in the trail of Sedona, Arizona.

This famous route definitely requires not just endurance and expertise but also mental alertness. This trail is both a physical and mental challenge to the bikers, because they are literally biking on the edge. Bikers must stay on the trail and make sure tiers of his bike have a strong grip on the ground to not slide out from the trail or else injuries will be encountered; and for this kind of trail it could be fatal.

Like any other sports, injuries are cannot be avoided. Injuries range from minor wounds to broken bones or head and spinal injuries depending on how extreme or dangerous the trail is. Like this trail in the video, one falls move or wrong calculation of the trail could lead to a fatal injury to the biker.

Bikers must not forget to always be cautious and not forget to wear protective gears all the time since risk is always present to all kinds of sports or hobbies; what more could it be for biking from extreme trails?

The video has definitely shown a breathtaking and wonderful creation. Though known as a bike trail and is considered as a dangerous trail as obviously seen on the video, it couldn't be denied that the creation is so amazing. It is equally amazing to the thought of how bikers would definitely pass through the trail. But definitely biker's professional skill would help in passing through.

To see this breathtaking white trail of Sedona click the play button.