Toddler Does Amazing Swimming Strokes in the Pool Without Mom's Help

Teaching one's child how to swim is like teaching one how to walk. Teaching always goes with a process; similarly teaching swimming does goes with a process too.
The question is "When should be the right time to start swimming lessons for kids?" According to verywellfamily , the answer depends on how old your kids are and what you mean by swimming lessons.

However, they used to recommend that you not begin formal swimming lessons until kids are at least 4 years old, the age that children thought to be "developmentally ready". But they do not opposed to aquatic programs and swimming lessons for toddlers and preschoolers between the ages 1 to 4 years old.

But according to the mom of these 2 fantastic babies in the video, who are showing their amazing swimming strokes, her 2 kids learned how to swim starting at nine months old from their swimming instructor Brigitte Strickland, who specializes in infant and child survival swim.

"Drowning is the number one leading cause of injury-related deaths in infants and children under the age of five. They can start learning how to swim as young as 6 months of age. Please teach your kids how to swim so they can save themselves until help arrives. For those of you who have asked, my youngest daughter was 12 months old at the time of this video and my oldest was 3 years old.",mom shared.

These two babies are like little mermaids when it comes to swimming. The focus in the video is on the little one, showing amazing skills as she takes a nice, long dip in the pool, showing incredible competence as she splash happily in the water, showing no fear at all.

This little baby obviously has a passion for water. This moment was seized by the camera, it was an extraordinary moment as the toddler performs the different swimming strokes like a pro, such a perfect execution. These kids are really natural swimmers.

The skills learned by these two kids are really commendable. Their teacher or trainer Brigitte is clearly the best in the area for infant and child survival swim.

Swimming is more than a fun way to relax. It is a useful skill that every one should learn, to save your own and other people's life if needed. Some parents prefer to teach their kids how to swim as early as possible to boost their confidence in the water as well as for survival reason.

These two are fortunate enough that an early age they can already survive in the water. Way to go girls!

Watch these two girls expert moves in the water. Just click the play button.Enjoy!