This Adorable Golden Retriever Gets Jealous Of Toy Doggy

Who would not love puppies? Most of us do love them. It doesn’t matter whatever breed they are. No matter what sizes they could be. They could be one of the cuddliest creatures the Earth ever has. Dogs could be annoying and loud, but would never fail to carve that smile on your face whenever you see them. They care about humans. They love humans probably as much as humans love them too. See how far their love could go in the video clip shared below.

A golden retriever is one of the best pet dogs one could ever have. They got beautiful fur that we definitely love. They are sweet as well, and could get jealous too. The owners of the golden retriever dog in the video clip below bought their puppy, a mini Golden Retriever sensor-activated toy that not only moves but also knows how to bark. They thought this could be the best companion for their real golden retriever at home. They thought it could be the best company for him when they are not around and when he is left alone in the house. But things seemed to be not going favourably towards their plan. The thoughts they had turned out to be just opinions. Watch how their pet dog reacted on his new companion.

In the video, they turned the new pet toy on and let it moved around while their golden retriever was watching the new puppy in the house. His owner started praising the toy as soon as it started to move and bark. The puppy went closer to the pet toy. He was looking closely to the new one. Then he leaned towards his owner. He sure is one jealous guy. Watch this cute golden retriever observed his new companion. He looked at it with curiosity and jealousy. Why jealousy? Just look at how he tried to hit it with his paws. He even barked at it. But the new pet toy just started to lean his head and was even able to wag his tail, such a cute and amazing toy. And look at the real dog’s reaction whenever his owner touches the new puppy. He keeps on barking at him and even tried to pull away his owner’s finger whenever she tries to pat the new pet’s head.

Seeing his owner who seemed to love the new pet has made him think that the new toy was way more than him. This cute golden retriever seemed to have no plans on giving up his owner to this new puppy. He sure gave us an idea that dogs could get jealous over something too. They can get sad and mad whenever their owner touches or cares about another pup. His cute reaction towards the pet toy described it all. He seemed to be more jealous when his owner kept on praising the new pup. We have already established a deep sense of relationship between humans and pets. Not just pets but most creatures on earth that lived with us. We love every bit of them and they loved us back too.

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