Soldier's Emotional Reunion with His Dog After being Separated for Half a Year

Soldiers are the heroes and pride of each country. They defend their country with their own life. They are often send to deployment for quite some time. They are send to other places within their country or ,for some, outside their country, but often times are away from their own place. That is why most of the time they miss their family and friends, and their family and friends as well miss them.

But this touching video shows that it is not just only human family members who know how to miss someone but dogs too.

This adorable dog just don’t know what to do out of excitement to see and be united again with his buddy1st Lieutenant Dylan Cox, whom he had not seen for half a year on account that Dylan was being assigned in South Korea. But Bentley, a golden retriever, wasted no time in showing his best buddy how much he had missed him by jumping all over Dylan with full of excitement and happiness.

This video is such a tear-jerking one seeing how a dog expresses his love to his owner after being away from each other for quite long. Bentley even knocked off the brave and tough soldier down on the floor as the dog bounded and ran and spun uncontrollably in over joy.

“They are just best buds. Dylan was afraid Bentley wouldn’t remember him when he returned from deployment because he was so young when he left. But I had no doubt in my mind that Bentley wouldn’t forget him. Dylan and I were able to FaceTime while he was away, Bentley would recognize his voice and even stare down the phone at him. This video is the perfect example of the love dogs have for their owners.”, shared Dylan’s wife, Amelia, who captured the heart warming reunion video of Dylan and Bentley.

The family was overwhelmed with so much joy and love being united once again. They decided to share this emotional video and posted in the social media since many were keep on asking for the video. They wanted to share to the world that this dog has emotions too and it knows how to express its love to its owner.

The famous “Dogs are man’s best friend “ line was once again proven between these 2 best buddies expression of love and affection. Indeed in this video, dog proves that it is also an emotional being and it really knows how to show its feelings without any pretentions.

Dogs deserve to be treated with love and care because they will also show people love and care in return of what they receive.

Watch this emotional video of Dylan and Bentley’s reunion. Just click the play button.