Newlywed Couple Miraculously Escape after Plane Crash

                Marriage is a special union between two people. Along with marriage is a honeymoon that is definitely planned carefully by the couple to make it perfect and a memorable one.

                British newlyweds, Jason Fox, 30, and Sally, 26, had their honeymoon in a very special way. They boarded a single-engine Cessna on Vanuatu, a nation in the South Pacific Ocean made up of roughly 80 islands, to have a volcano sight-seeing trip as part of their memorable honeymoon.

                To the couple’s surprise, their aircraft’s engine failed and they were sent crashing to the ground. But luck was still at their side when they miraculously survived the plane crash.

                Luckily, their pilot was able to trench their way to nearby Erromango Island and not into the sea. Yet, they still missed the grass runway by 100 meters and crashed into nearby seas.

                Jason, who is a sports reporter from Jersey, able to film everything on his phone.

                “So, we’ve just been in a plane crash and I’m not joking. We were flying back from a volcano trip over the islands of Vanuatu and on our way back the engine failed. Thankfully we were flying past an island…so fate… I didn’t believe in it before but I kind of do now… having an island next to us, otherwise we would have been in the sea”, he said.

                When he reached their hotel, he spoke of what really happened.

                He shared the whole story: “The engine started to splutter. Then it all went silent and we just started to float and then drop and the pilot started pulling on his levers and then said to get our life jackets on. All I could think of was that I must not get knocked out when we hit the ground because if I did I thought I might not wake up again. We had gone over the island earlier in the day as we flew towards the volcano and I saw that it had a grass runway.  After the engine stopped, as we got lower and nearer the airstrip I thought we were going to be ok, but we fell short of the runway and ended up crashing into trees at ground level at pretty much full speed.”

                Jason further explained that her wife Sally crashed forward into the guy in front and he (Jason) hit his head on back of the pilot’s seat. He thought that they might have a bit of concussion, but they were ok. He added that if they had been 30 seconds further ahead when the engine cut out, they would have ended up in the sea or a cliff.

                That was indeed a very unforgettable honeymoon memory for this newlyweds. Yet the two were still thankful that they did able to survive the crash. They are still lucky to be alive.