Missing Cat Reuniting With his Canine Best Friend Will Brighten Your Day

               We always heard this phrase “Fighting like cats and dogs”, to describe two animals or people who often fight or quarrel with each other. This is said so because cats and dogs often fight with each other and never are they friends. However, there are cats and dogs that do well with each other and became best of friends.

                For instance, Clyde and Triton’s relationship with each other is one of the few. Clyde is a pet cat and Triton is a pet dog, a German Shepherd. Yes, they may be a cat and a dog, but they are best friends. The two are all part of a family but they never had rival of attention from their owners but they get along so well.

                The video of these two being reunited again is such a heart warming scene. Clyde was gone missing for 12 days, and was returned home after a neighbor recognized him from a “Lost and Found” ad. And their reunion video is so adorable.

                Missing a pet cat is so terrifying for the owners and other family members. Owners felt so helpless that they wanted to find their lost pet cat right away, worried that the cat may simply be hiding outside in the yard, gone exploring or killed by a predator.

                Oftentimes, pet owners’ initial reaction is to look for the pet anywhere. But, the most painful situation is when the cat is not found for quite some time and you have nothing else to do but wait until the cat returns home. It is the worst thing that could happen when you never know if your cat will still go home to you or not anymore. In this situation, owners make so many ways to help find their missing cat. They post pictures of their missing cat anywhere and on places that are mostly passed by people. There are so many other ways that owners can read from the internet. It has posted so many suggestions on ways of finding lost pets. And one of these is posting in the “Lost and Found” ad of a local paper, and this way has worked so well with Clyde. Thanks to “Lost and Found” ad, Clyde has not been away for so long.

                Clyde has been loved by its owner, including the pet dog of the family, Triton. Their reunion video just showed how these two get along so well. You will never see in them the famous phrase “fighting like cats and dogs” but instead, “loving like cats and dogs” is what you will see. Well, if the two animal creature has learned to love each other. It will definitely not hard for people to change the famous phrase to “loving like cats and dogs”.

                Watch the video and be amazed by the heart-warming reunion of Clyde and Triton.