Man and A Bear Frightens Each Other as They Accidentally Encounter

What would you do if you accidentally encounter a large animal right just in front of you? Would you scream? Or would you run? Well, I might really do both or worse, I may faint. Even small insects like cockroaches can scare us, how much more if it is a huge bear?

A citizen in Lake Tahoe got a video of a large, wandering bear. The bear was crossing the driveway of a home in the area. When it reached the corner area of the house, a gentleman was also about to come out from the corner at the same time. Both got frightened and they both quickly turned their back away from each other. Funny how the bear got frightened and moved away despite of its size. Luckily, no one got hurt from the alarming incident.

According to Wikipedia, bears are generally bulky and robust animals with short tails. They have more strength than speed due to their short limbs with thick bones to support their bulk. Bears also have excellent sense of smell, better than of a dog, or possibly any other mammal. It is their principal sense used to locate most of their food and they have excellent memories which helps them to relocate places where they have found food before. 

Maybe the young bear smelled something delicious on that area, that was why it was seen wandering around the corner of the house. Was it mommy’s meaty barbecue? Well, that may be a possible reason due to their powerful sense of smell.

Some bears are dangerous to humans especially if they are being attacked or in defense for their young or for their food. The man in the video luckily did not get hurt though he accidentally frightened the bear.

Tahoe Bears are growing in numbers that it become an alarming problem in South Lake Tahoe and North Lake Tahoe. Some bears were reportedly breaking-in in the Homewood Area. These creatures can be sweet but they can also cause serious damages.
“The most important thing to remember with Tahoe Bears is that all they really want is food. They don’t want to hurt a human being, but they won’t think twice about doing damage. In fact, the act of harming the person is far down their list of desires. But once they smell food they will come back to the known source.” Shanie Matthews of Lake Tahoe

Though bears are naturally huge and strong, they also face serious threats from people. Bears are illegally sold in illegal trades for their bear parts especially for their fur. Now, many laws have been passed in many areas of the world to protect them.

Animals can impose threats to us but we must remember that we are also in this world to protect them and to protect their environment. This is definitely our responsibility as a care taker of this great amazing world.

If you want to see this funny incident between the gentleman and the bear, just click the video below.