Husky Is Tired Of Trying To Tell His Human ‘I Love You’

I love you is one of the sweetest statements we can get from someone. Who wouldn’t love receiving one right? Hearing those words from your loved ones could be the sweetest thing that you could hear every day. But did you ever wonder if animals love those words too? They might love it right? Just as much as humans love it.

The enchanting power created by love can conquer everything. Just as the phrase goes, love conquers all. This love could conquer everyone’s heart, and would this include the husky’s heart in this video? See how he howls and was trying to copy his owner’s words. Megan started telling him ‘I Love You’ with the right sound of somewhat like howling at the end of the phrase. And it came to her as a surprise when her great husky beside her was howling those words out from his mouth too. The husky with a yellow bandana tied around his neck. You would also see some dog tags around his neck. These accents make him look so cool at the same time. But the coolness he got won’t change the fact that he is so adorable and sweet at the same time. He responded as sweet as he could when Megan said ‘I Love You’ to him.

It seems Megan is not satisfied with just that, she repeatedly says ‘I Love You’ several times. How did the husky respond to what she has been saying? He responded sincerely at the first two ‘I Love You’s Megan has said to him, but he might have felt he was being played after a couple of times. He didn’t dare respond after the third ‘I Love You’ being sent to him. He is one smart guy. One lucky owner as well, this would not lessen the love for his owner for sure. This husky surely taught us the very common saying that goes: Once is Chance, Twice is Coincidence, Third Time is a Pattern.

The buff handsome husky has already gotten the pattern and stopped responding to his owner. He is such a loving dog. That is why we should never take our loved ones for granted, even if you think they don’t feel the same but at least they know “you cared.” Always tell your loved ones how you feel whenever you get the chance because tomorrow isn't guaranteed to come.