An 81-year-old Senior Citizen Spectacularly Plays with His Guitar

Would you agree if some says that age is just a number? Well, I must say yes to that because there are so many talented man and women that have really proved that they are just ageless when it comes to showing their special skills and abilities. Just like this 81-year-old talented man from Nashville, Tennessee who incredibly plays his guitar like he has never aged at all. Still full of passion and energy!

Fortunately, Bob Wood, 81 years old, was not just an ordinary old man because when he was younger, he was a regular performer at the Jamboree USA in Wheeling, West Virginia where he just performed for 10 years. Yes, ten wonderful years. He was also proclaimed as Entertainer of the Year by Eastern States Country Music Incorporated and he was inducted into the Southern Legends Country Music Hall of Fame. He even had several albums during his career and one of it was the 70’s, Bob Wood Plays It Cool.

In that album, there was a testimonial written for him by the country guitar legend, Carl Perkins:
“If kindness, concern for Fellowmen, loyalty to wife and family have anything to do with the making of a man, then my friends, meet a man, Bob Wood. Besides being a friend, I regard Bob as one of the very few great stylists on guitar. Talents are essential in the music business, being a man is helpful in any field. Combined you don’t miss. Now enjoy with me, as album by such person, my friend, Bob Wood.”

Now that Bob Wood is 81 years old, there is no one or even his age can stop him from performing. This senior citizen is still sharing his spectacular performances at a local guitar shop and even surprises the people when the shop uploaded a video of him playing the music “Besame Mucho” at their shop.

Since then, the video got over 2 million views and many citizens including his family got thrilled over the beautiful reactions and comments they got from the internet. He is just truly an inspiration!

Bob Wood is truly an inspiring man since he never stops showing and sharing his passion in life despite of his age. He never stops to show to his family and to the world that when you have enough passion, you will be great at what you are doing. Even at his age, he has become known due to his passion and perseverance. He always gives his best and his love in everything and that definitely what makes him a remarkable musician.

Due to his great love for music, it makes him strong and ageless. He has full of passion for his talent and for his work and that is why his talent never gets away with him even if he gets older and older and that is may be his secret for an ageless performance and charm! 

Watch his ageless performance to know how amazing and inspiring he is!