Young Boy Steals the Show During Wedding Vows Made The Event Unforgettable

            Stereotyping has been running this world and hitting everyone real hard. Probably that’s where the bullying started, and probably what the racist were doing before. And when we hear the word stepmom, Disney stories have already defined them as mischievous, not to be trusted, mean, a big liar, and all that negativity we usually we them as. They are that new girl your father has found, might be some gold digger that made her marry your father or some flirty girl your father met somewhere you are not even interested to know their whereabouts.

                This bride definitely would blow your stereotyping down. Yes, she is one pretty stepmother like what other step mother were like. But hey, she is not as nasty as them. She is way kinder, prettier, more loving and better. In this video, you’ll hear her bride vows and how her step son burst into tears just as when she started her speech.

                The bride was holding a paper with her speech on it. As she started, her step son’s reaction could undeniably be defined easily. Then he started crying and hugging his stepmom at the same time. She continues with her speech and the groom slowly took his son by hand away from his step mother so she could continue her speech with ease. He tells his son it is okay, while the little boy kept and continued sobbing.

Some child had this fear running in their head that the new lady in their father’s life might grab all the love, attention and care away from them. Some children ignores and disregard their step mother or step father just because they are not blood related or they are not the ones who gave them their life. They seem to feel that they owe this guy or this lady nothing at the first place. Instead of the usual stereotyping that this new member of their family is mean, they are the ones acting mean. Some just generalize things, and this video shows no true of these accusations.

The scene was just so touching. You could see how sincere the bride was in her vows. Everything seemed to mean a lot to her son. They might not be biologically related but they are truly related at heart, not just by names. And one scene have touched everyone’s heart was when she said that, “I might not have given you the gift of life. But life surely gave me the gift of you.” This line just brought everyone in tears. It’s a must see video. You could feel the love in the air just like any ordinary family has. You can’t see the stereotyping here. You could see how sincere everyone is. How loving the whole family and the care they throw for everybody.

Hopefully this could go out to everybody out there. Everyone should witness and see this awesome gesture of love and acceptance. And no one should miss out the little boy’s reaction too!