Woman Takes In Single Dad And Newborn Baby Who Couldn't Fly Home

Racial discrimination and equality has been an issue for a long time. Due to the influences of Social Media and many active organizations, this issue has been slowly changed and resolved. Many people have been opened to the issue and adapted some changes. Instead of discriminating other people due to their color, they openly accepted and believed that they also deserved the same rights and privileges.

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Rubin Swift, a man from Cleveland came to Phoenix for the birth of his baby girl, Ru-Andria. He just had his custody granted and he was going to fly home to Cleveland with his daughter. But the problem he encountered was that Ru-Andria was just 4-days-old and Frontier Airlines’ policy states that babies less than 7 days old cannot fly to so he needed to stay for a few more days in Phoenix.
Fortunately, Joy Ringhofer came to the rescue. She learned that Rubin Swift could not go home for a few days so she took and welcomed them into her home.

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Joy Ringhofer has been a volunteer at Banner University Medical Center in Phoenix and they had met when Swift’s daughter was born.
“I had such a strong feeling that I needed to do this for him and I know he was very kind and safe man to have in my home—and he has been a perfect gentleman.” Ringhofer said.
“We’re two different colors and she opened up her door and it never was an issue. My color was never an issue, my baby. She loves my baby—she held her. My baby was with her all night. She stayed up with her. Who does that?” Rubin Swift said.
Finally, Rubin Swift was able to fly home with his beautiful Ru-Andria but he promised to visit his new friend who became a family.
“She’s fed. She took care of me. She’s the grandmother to my child now. She looked after me. So I’m grateful.” Swift added.

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As the world goes more chaotic every single day, it always lightens our hearts when we hear and see inspirational stories. Inspiring stories such as people helping one another in a middle of a calamity or a story about a cab driver returning a large amount of money to its owner, are truly meaningful nowadays. Now that the world is full of so much problems and chaos, a simple act of kindness really helps the world to change and make it better place to live.

Helping one another no matter what race or color we belong is the best thing mankind can offer to the world. Joy Ringhofer has shown kindness to a man who needed her help. She never thinks that Swift is different from her because of his color but instead she welcomed him and his angel into her home and took care of them wholeheartedly. Her kindness has touched thousands of people and through her act, it makes the people realize that when we share, we are changing, spreading wellness and positivity to the world.