Woman Surprised With Talking Teddy Bear With Her Late Nan's Voice

It is never easy to losing someone you love and is special to you. It is never easy to move on from such scenario. You would definitely miss that person who has always been by your side every passing day. It is never easy to get attached and let go afterwards that easily. It never will. And the same thing goes for Lauren Doyle.

Days were too hard for Lauren Doyle, 22 year old from Hartlepool, Country Durham, to bear. She just has to go through every day without her grandmother, Barbara Kinnell. Barbara passed away due to cardiac arrest brought on by bronchitis and pneumonia. After Barbara passed away two days after Christmas, Lauren was battling over sepsis caused by surgery complications. Things were moving so quick that she never had enough time to grieve for her grandmother Barbara. Lauren’s friend for 19 years, Carlita Pounder, decided to give her something to help things up and make it easier for her best friend in the most special way she could. The 73 year old grandmother definitely had a special place in Lauren’s heart that makes it difficult for her day by day.

Photo: Mercury Press & Media/Mirror UK

Photo: Mercury Press & Media/Mirror UK

Carlita also found out that Barbara has sent Lauren a voicemail, three weeks before Christmas. The voicemail never really caught Lauren’s attention when it was sent, but later after three weeks it became the sentimental memory of her grandmother. The voicemail said, “Hiya Lauren, it’s only Nana. Just calling to see if you’re OK, pet. I’ll give you a ring later on. Ta-ta love. Love you, bye.”

Photo: Mercury Press & Media/Mirror UK

Photo: Mercury Press & Media/Mirror UK

The voicemail gave Carlita an idea on what to give to Lauren to help things out the way she could in the most special way. She went to Build-A-Bear workshop the very next day to create a personalized teddy bear for her best friend. She decided to name it after what Lauren usually calls her Nana, “Babbylicious”.  She explained everything to the employee in the said store and laid out her plans. The employee turned the music down and made it possible to keep the shop as quiet as possible. She recorded everything and made it perfectly that it has the same number of seconds of the sent voicemail from Barbara. She made the teddy bear wear red dress and red shoes, just like Barbara’s favourite color is. Carlita admitted to Mirror UK that she can no longer hold her tears at the shop and was crying while the grandmother teddy bear was made.

Carlita decided to record the surprise she is going to give to Lauren. And this video did go viral. You could see in the video that Lauren definitely has no idea what is going on. It was not her birthday after all, Carlita just gave something to lift her moods up. Lauren has no idea what is inside and still continued opening the gift. She knew it was from Build-A-Bear because of its packaging. But she was left off guard when she started pressing the bear’s hand just as what Carlita has encouraged her to do. She went emotional when she heard her Nana’s voice. Her grandmother’s voice have been so special enough for her and Carlita’s gift did a very good help to Lauren.

Video: Youtube/Caters Clips