Wife Telling Her Husband She's a Kidney Match Has Brought Him To Tears.

                When kidneys fail, you’ll slowly be limiting your daily activities. It means your kidneys have stopped working the same as they do before. It means it is not functioning well enough for you to survive without using dialysis or having a kidney transplant. When kidneys fail, it would never be easy. It might never feel the same again. But how would you handle things?

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                Diagnosed with a chronic kidney disease at an early stage, Steven Winfree, a 32-year old man, is the one seen in the video. His wife, Heather Winfree, is the one recording the video. They came from a small town in Tennessee, United States. And surviving in the said condition would never be easy without the love and support from his loving and caring wife, Heather.

                The video shows how busy Steven has been watching the ball cards and explaining things one by one as he finish watching one card to another. As he continues what he was doing, he stumbled into the last photo which took him in surprise. Who was it? It was him, Steven Winfree. Not just that, something was written on the card that made him more surprised than the first move that recently happened.

                Steven Winfree had the dream of being a professional basketball player. And when the day came, he went fearlessly to attend the physical examination something came up. He practiced a lot just to get him into this game. He spent hours and hours as a young man with dreams in having a spot in the basketball court. But everything changed at the preseason of selection to play college basketball. His blood pressure was high, and after another several thorough exams the next thing he knew he won’t be moving like before. Never will he be as energetic as he was before. His playing has been deduced to sitting.

                Steven studied marketing and moved to Florida. But his disease was getting worst, and so he has to move back to Tennessee. He went through several surgeries like amputation, arthritis and several surgeries. But he remained still and never gave up. With his 50% functioning kidneys, he continued living the life though it was not the one he wanted ever before. He earned a degree even though he went back to their hometown with Master’s degree in Sport Making from the Tennessee State University. And there started their love story with Heather Winfree. Though Steven’s disease never stopped and was slowly getting worst day by day, Heather never gave up and continued. He was undergoing dialysis with his functioning kidney percentage of 20%. She decided to stay no matter what and even went several tests to see if she could be a match. And to her much surprise, it was the perfect candidate to donate kidney to Steven.

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                As the last ball card came in hand, it was the time that his joy overflows and became evident. No one could stop the tears from flowing. The excitement and happiness could never be compared. She was an angel sent from above.