What Tails Are For? This Toddler Uses Dog's Tail For Painting

Art has been a part of our lives. You can see it almost everywhere you go. May it be at the office, at school, at the park, at the malls and even at the church. We’ve been living with it for a long time and definitely it did give a great impact in our lives even before. Back in the years of our dear ancestors, they too have managed to love a life with appreciation to arts too. And it’s not just us who appreciates and supports it. It’s funny and adorable to think that even animals support our love for arts. This adorable act between these two cuties is one rare scenario that not everyone got to encounter with.

The art project in the video below would truly leave you amazed and stay stunned by this cute toddler named Scarlett. But wait there is more to that art project of her. It is not about the drama and meaningful things the painting possesses. Definitely not about how she managed and come up with such idea. And it is not because she was little and way too young. It just merely boils down to one thing. It is how she managed to come up with such masterpiece, specifically the tools she used to make it.

The little pretty toddler, Scarlett, sure is ready to do some art attack and get her art project done. In the video, Scarlett is beside a very large dog lying on the floor. It is definitely craft time for our cute little girl. Her notebook is perfectly laid down and is ready to get colourful and pretty. And how will she do that? The colourful paints beside her would truly be her trusted companion along the way. However, Scarlett missed something important in doing her art project. Guess what it is? Look closer in the video and you won’t see any paintbrush. Most kids usually use their hands to do art crafts whenever no paintbrush is available. But this toddler has thought of something she could use instead of her hands. And who did she mess up with this time? That very composed dog beside her.

Scarlett didn’t have to ask for mom or dad’s help with this. She opens up her paint and for her paintbrush, she grabbed the pooch’s tail beside her. The dog seemed to give no care after all and watched the little girl do her art work. Dad asked her busy girl if she is having fun on what she was doing at the moment. And Scarlett gladly answered with the yes. He also reminded her to be gentle to their pet pooch. It took some time and the pooch never moved an inch to show that he is against it. He sure is one great supporter to Scarlett’s masterpiece.

Look at how the large dog stayed and never bothered wagging his tail away from Scarlett. He just looks over her and the masterpiece and let her do what she wanted to do. This dog could be the best companion one could ever have. Scarlett is one lucky girl to have such a unique paintbrush for today.